The correct way to bill Medicare patients for a diabetic foot exam performed on the same calendar day as other service is no additional codes. From the American Academy of Family Physicians: Medicare does not allow for separate payment of an E/M code and a diabetic foot evaluation on the same date. Should you provide a diabetic foot exam to a patient with a ...


Nusinersen is a very new drug approved just a few days ago by FDA. First of all you have to find a center were these injections can be performed (I guess there are just a few centers worldwide were these studies have been made). Try having a look at FDA website at this page to find out key doctors who ran experimental studies. Then try sending them an ...


From what I've been able to gather, it appears that treatment of a broken bone is in the same group of codes as surgery because of the after care. The coding is supposed to include follow up care for 90 days if the info I found was correct. It appears it should only be applying a splint if the splint is a one off without after care.

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