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Markings on a 3ml syringe

Minim (unit): Part of the Apothecary system. It is rarely used anymore(some countries and areas still use the apothecary system) and is a alternative to the drop(which was formerly the smallest unit ...
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Is the abbreviation"r/o" on a test report used in the declarative or imperative sense?

A full radiology report typically contains several sections, similar to a progress note. The "HISTORY" section discusses the medical history and possibly indications for the imaging. Here, r/o means ...
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Abbreviations URTI and GE in a doctor's diagnosis

URTI is a common abbreviation for upper respiratoty tract infection and GE for gastroenteritis, which refers to infection of the stomach and intestine, which is usually associated with diarrhea. An ...
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Dentistry notation symbols

According to Dental Computing and Applications, in Chapter XVII on Unicode Characters for Human Dentition, A triangle with a bar indicates an artificial spacer, especially on a denture, a circle with ...
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Warning Symbol on Nippy Junior+

I finally found the symbol on page 5 of the quick reference guide (http://nippyventilator.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/NIPPY-Junior-Quick-Reference-Guide.pdf) for the ventilator. It is just an ...
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