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What are the benefits of high testosterone in men?

What are the benefits of high testosterone in men? what benefits does high testosterone actually entail? Mental health discussion would be interesting too, if there's any association ...
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Does daily intake of hibiscus juice increases the risk of impotence in a male?

There is a very bold distinction in terminology to observe between impotence – or erectile dysfunction –, and fertility or changes to the testis and spermatozoa. The study in question does not say ...
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Does daily intake of hibiscus juice increases the risk of impotence in a male?

The tea preparation used in the study was described: Cold Hibiscus extract was prepared by soaking 15 g of Hibiscus calyces in 500 ml of cold distilled water at 4°C for a whole day. The boiled ...
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Why are anti-inflammatories prescribed for an epididymis inflammation?

This is a wonderful explanation of inflammation, although a bit technical. Key passage: Inflammation, the immune response of body tissues to injury or infection, is an important component of ...
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How does removal of the testicles affect life expectancy?

To answer this question properly is going to need a prospect double blinded controlled trial. That is not going to happen in a normal world. You can try looking at historical data, like the one ...
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What medical tests a man should take regularly to check for common health issues?

Tests that one may want to do annually: Blood pressure; increased BP is a risk factor for heart disease Checking your skin for moles, which can develop into cancer Blood cholesterol and ...
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How can men become pregnant?

Apparently men can get pregnant now? Yes, in two very different cases: Trans men can have a uterus, can get pregnant and bear children. It is theoretically possible for an XY male to have an embryo ...
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Why do only men have Adam's Apples? What is it? What function does it serve?

The Adam's apple, in conjunction with the thyroid cartilage which forms it, helps to protect the walls and the frontal part of the larynx, including the vocal cords (which are located directly behind ...
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