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Which speed is fatal / dangerous for a human body?

I think there's strong evidence that lung trauma caused by airspeed is not an issue, but we can analyze it. Sorry about the length. I treated this sort of like one would treat it on Physics.SE Human ...
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Acute symptoms from radon gas exposure

Answer Overview To summarise, even when radon gas accumulates at what we consider high levels, it is still a relatively low amount of ionising radiation compared to other events, partly because of the ...
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Is there a nonchronic disease with similar effects to lungs like those of emphysema?

Yes, damage to the alveolar walls or the reduction in surface area for gaseous exchange can be reversible. Additionally, acute (non-chronic) conditions can cause these circumstances. For example, in ...
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Why are corticosteroids not used in the treatment of pneumonia?

It would seem that the evidence is that (injected) corticosteroids don't help much unless the disease is severe (septic shock) and/or has a high inflammatory response, in which case there is some ...
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