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Green Tea After Dinner

Green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by its caffeine content per se. If green tea extract are drunk during the meal there is a proved effect of it on ...
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Is honey elemental nutrition, if not why not?

Honey is not appropriate for elemental diet because: -- It is not sterile (elemental diet for both intravenous or enteric use needs to be sterile). -- Various types of honey have very different ...
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How can liquids such as oral contrast agents coat the intestinal tract so quickly?

This is a really interesting question and Jrapa86 has given a a good answer, I thought of one small extra point though. When you think about what actually makes the movement of a bolus of food through ...
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How can liquids such as oral contrast agents coat the intestinal tract so quickly?

First we need to make a distinction between the separate types of oral contrast agents. We frequently utilize water-insoluble (like barium), or water-soluble (diatrazole). Another distinction is to ...
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Does choice of drink affect severity of hangovers?

We were taught in medical school that the single biggest contributor to hangovers is dehydration. The degree of dehydration is caused by the percent concentration of ETOH/ethanol which is a diuretic (...
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Could liquid ventilation offer more effective treatment for pneumonia?

The latest data on using Partial Liquid Ventilation (Total Liquid Ventilation has been shown to be unsustainable) was from a 1996 study Hirschl et al. treated 10 adults who had acute respiratory ...
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What is the evidence that we need to drink 8 glasses of water each day?

There is no evidence. If you're interested in some historical background about this recommendation, there is interesting quote from "Medical myhts" (2007) article in British Medical Journal: ...
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