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Is SM-102 a safe ingredient in the Moderna vaccine, despite these safety warnings?

The MSDS linked to is for a product sold as a solution of 10% SM-102 in 90% chloroform. It's listed as "SM-102" because that's the interesting/useful thing that the company is selling. It's ...
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Solid Lipid Nanoparticles

For more than 50 years, liposomes have been recognized as a powerful medical tool. It can encapsulate drugs and controllably deliver drugs to specific locations in the body, which makes it useful for ...
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Should high triglyceride level in blood be treated to prevent heart disease?

This question is old, but the answer might help some other people:) First of all: yes, high triglycerides are a risk for CVD. However, there is no evidence that treatment of moderately high ...
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Linkage between Fatty Acid Metabolism and Ketone body metabolism

Why do we need ketone bodies? The main role of ketone bodies is to serve as a fuel (mainly for the brain) when there are not enough dietary carbohydrates available (during a low-carbohydrate diet or ...
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Lipid test interval

I am not clear as to how soon an intervention results in changes but in some trials people have tested within 2 weeks. I typically retest people at three weeks to provide reinforcement for a dietary ...
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Lipid test interval

The quality of evidence is not really the best (taken from a management guideline) but I frankly doubt there is any better-quality evidence to answer this question:
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