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Will reading in dim light damage my eyes?

Short answer The consensus is that sub-optimal lighting does not permanently damage the eye. Background Sub-optimal lighting can create a sensation of having difficulty in focusing. It also decreases ...
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Do light boxes effectively mimic the effects of natural sunlight to produce vitamin D?

Only two things affect the synthesis of vitamin D, and those are the amount of UVB photons penetrating the skin and the person's age. See my previous answer for an explanation and citations. So if we ...
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Does a computer screen work as a lightbox?

I don't know if there is research on this, but if not, this might help. Natural daylight contains a wide range of light frequencies - hence the rainbow, when it's split up. At different times of day, ...
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Light Sensitivity as a result of Caffeine Intake

From "Значение ретино-эпифизарной системы для психофармакологического эффекта" by Karen Ovanesov, who is co-author of one of those Russian articles on Pubmed to which you refer: (...) the ...
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