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How reliable is MRI to diagnose ACL (anterior cruciate ligament rupture)?

Nothing is more helpful than a comprehensive physical examination by an expert and the clinical course of the disease, for ruling out the ACL rupture. Evidence supports that The accuracy of the ...
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Why do doctors use tendon instead of ligament in key-hole surgery?

Graham Chiu put it very well: "Where would you get a ligament from that isn't going to make you worse off?" We rely on our ligaments for the structural stability of our skeleton. This supersedes the ...
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Any link between Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and "chronic" tendonitis?

Sorry for the wait! To orient ourselves first trace the Ulnar Nerve distally to the hand from the Brachial Plexus (BP) and then review how Cubital Tunnel Syndrome ties in (it's neurological relation)...
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"Focal tear of the [ligament name]" vs. "Tear of the [ligament name]"

Basically, yes, it definitely means it's a single point of injury. But if the report didn't specify any modifiers like "focal" or "diffuse" I wouldn't assume it says anything about ...
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Does chronic caffeine use increase or decrease blood flow to connective tissue?

With regard to underlying biological mechanisms, most research has been devoted to BP-raising effects of caffeine. However, there are many other substances in coffee, such as polyphenols, soluble ...
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