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Is Porn-Creep a medical condition? Addiction to pornography (for men) correlate to erectile dysfunction?

Let's start with your assumptions. You say that "We all know that pornography can be highly addictive." But in fact, porn addiction is not a recognized diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical ...
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Can low libido be a side-effect of schizoprenia medications?

Yes they can. Co-occurring conditions like depression may also contribute to low libido. This is a good article that discusses the details. The mechanisms by which antipsychotic drugs may cause ...
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Are there any drugs that provide erection without sexual stimulation?

We can't give medical advice here. But I can guide you in how to approach talking with your doctors, and add another doctor/specialist you haven't mentioned but should see. You have already told us ...
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anyone give me a list of Healthy Foods to Crank Up my Sex Drive?

Maca <--- Really healthy in general also. Horny Goat's Weed <--- Haven't tried it myself. I think generally you're looking for herb-aphrodisiacs. Try a google search and I'm sure you'll find ...
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The "gay bomb" and medical aphrodisiacs

PT-141 (bremelanotide) To my knowledge, PT-141 is the only substance that has shown any promise in increasing libido, and that's only in the case of women with depressed sexual response. I think ...
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