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What should be done if a person is stabbed?

If the weapon is still in the wound : don't touch anything and call the appropriate emergency system (varies from country to country). Never attempt to remove any penetrating object still in situ ...
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Dealing with triangle puncture wounds

A triangular wound can possibly be sutured, depending on many considerations regarding the wound including its type, condition, location, size, shape, depth, cleanliness vs presence of debris, ...
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Dealing with triangle puncture wounds

Triangular blades were created for pretty much one reason, and one reason only. The triangular cross section made a stronger blade, ensuring more damage was done in a charge/stab versus a flat blade. ...
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Categorizing injuries under the Haddon Injury Control Model

The key, I think, is the relationship between energy transferred and the ability of the receiving tissue to tolerate it. For example, although the overall kinetic energy of a knife is relatively low ...
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How are performers able to "swallow" swords without harming their body?

I had an uncle that could do this trick, and it always amazed me. Perhaps it's obvious, but I should mention that they always use a sword with a dull blade.
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