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How much vitamin C last in orange juice?

Question: How much vitamin C is actually present in a glass of orange juice, taking into account could have been passed months since harvesting-squeezing-bottling to drinking? The nutrition label of ...
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Do the health benefits of beetroot juice outweigh how rank it tastes?

There is no correlation between something tasting "bad" and being good for you. Many things that taste bad are in fact bad for you, and many things that you think taste bad, other people like the ...
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Can juices fulfill requirement of water ?

The problem with getting your daily requirement of water solely from juices, is that most juices have significant amounts of sugar in them. Let's say your favorite juice is orange juice. Orange juice ...
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Do slow juicers yield a more nutritious juice than regular juicers?

That is true, in principle. A bit slower is usually at least a bit better. The same principle that differentiates olive oil grades can be applied to juices. A proper (albeit quite small) study on ...
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