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Does the administration of oxygen to ischaemic patients improve outcome?

A large study of ~8000 patients suggests there is no real benefit to prophylactic oxygen supplementation after acute stroke (Roffe et al., 2017). American Heart Association/American Stroke ...
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Emergent gastric ischemia

Cocaine use is known to cause gastric ischemia or even perforation (in a 19 year old female student with epigastric pain PubMed, 2010) and in another 5 relatively young people (PubMed, 1991), or ...
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Myocardial Ischemic Contractile Failure & Potassium

Your understanding about the mechanism by which the K+ ions leak out of the cardiac cell during ischaemia is correct. But, regarding the latter part, lets discuss what is the situation of K+ ions in a ...
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