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Mechanism of hunger in Roux-en-Y surgery

From my understanding, Roux-en-Y surgery involves the removal of the majority of the stomach, with only a roughly egg-sized pouch left. The purpose is to not only restrict the amount of food the new &...
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How can liquids such as oral contrast agents coat the intestinal tract so quickly?

Apparently, it takes only about an hour for barium-based oral contrast agents to coat the intestines. I find this kind of surprising because it generally takes the body about 24 hours to digest a meal,...
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How reliable is enteric coating on capsules?

Some probiotics are labelled "gastro resistant coating". Based on my limited knowledge and research, they are enteric capsules and they work based on changing PH in the GI tract. The first ...
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Do having multiple COVID tests decrease the chance of a false negative? [closed]

With my work we're required to get frequent COVID tests. Sometimes it happens we get COVID tested twice before the first day of work. So for example if I'm working Saturday I may get tested the ...
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Can intestinal bacterial overgrowth result in hypophosphatemia?

This article shows that there is variability in the degree that bacteria bind to phosphate in the gut. Is it possible that intestinal bacterial overgrowth results in hypophosphatemia?
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What happens to flatulence gasses when you resist?

Flatulence in public can be embarrassing, especially if you are locked in, say, in a concert hall. I don't find it difficult to plug the release for a while. The pressure usually drops after a few ...
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Can a CT scan of the abdomen help find unhealthy mucosal lining in the small intestine?

What's the role of CT imaging in the diagnosis of small bowel mucosal diseases?
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Can your rectum atrophy after a long time of inactivity?

A colectomy and subsequent ileostomy are surgeries that involve removing the large bowel (colon) and creating an opening in the abdomen for food waste to go through the small intestine and out of the ...
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Best type of specialist who performs colonoscopies

I googled for the best type of specialist who performs colonoscopies and it says gastroenterologist [link 1, link 2]. My questions: Why don't they mention colorectal surgeon? One would think that a ...
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Calcium and iron absorption

I have often read that calcium and iron-rich foods (or supplements) should not be ingested within the same meal, as those two minerals impede each other's absorption trough the gut. But several ...
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How long does it take for diarrhea to pass through the bowels?

I would be interested to know how much time does it take for diarrhea to pass through the human bowels? I am looking for a timeline, eg 2-3 hours vs the regular 6-8.
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Why do a follow-up colonoscopy?

I had a colonoscopy recently and the doctor removed a polyp. He told me I should get follow-up in six months. I asked him why, since he already determined that it wasn't cancerous and these things ...
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Is kimchi low FODMAP?

I would like to know whether kimchi, the fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings, also known as kimchee or gimchi, can generally be considered low FODMAP. This ...
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Patients typically sedated during a colonoscopy?

I just had a colonoscopy and I believed they hooked me to an IV and injected a sedative of some sort, but it wasn't really effective as even though I was drowsy, I never went to sleep, and was fully ...
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Foods/Drinks to avoid before and during a flight

I am a (recent) frequent flyer with at least 4 transatlantic trips/month. I have noticed that depending on the food I take just before or during the flight, this can have significant consequences on ...
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How to check for presence of intestinal parasites and what's the procedure to get rid of them?

What are the standard procedures of detecting intestinal parasites in the body (e.g. Ascaris lumbricoides) and what are the methods to get rid of them in case they're present? Can CT scan detect them,...
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What are the health detriments to holding in a fart if any?

Does the temporary build-up of air cause any damage, short or long term, or health concerns? I've heard from relatives that excessive holding-in can damage the intestines, but I'm not sure if that's ...
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