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During Caesarean section: What is the name of the instrument in which the scar is burned to close it?

From the description, the instrument you are looking for should be a bipolar coagulation forceps. ref: medicalexpo It is used to stop bleeding by coagulation of smaller vessels, bigger one will ...
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What is the name of medical instruments for laparoscopy?

The most important instrument is laparoscope/endoscope which is a fiberoptic instrument inserted through an incision in the abdominal wall and used to examine visually the interior of the ...
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What are these syringes called?

I think you are looking for irrigation syringes - I'm familiar only with the curved variety but at least on a google images search I see straight ones as well. That said, I've always used luer-style ...
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What are these syringes called?

There are a variety of syringes listed as "disposable catheter " that typically have a tapered straight tip. A common size is 60 ml . The tip is "universal" friction fit. I use them for G-tube feeding ...
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