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Are cremated ashes medically harmful to the living?

Ash weight and composition Cremated remains are mostly dry calcium phosphates with some minor minerals, such as salts of sodium and potassium. Sulfur and most carbon are driven off as oxidized gases ...
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What safety precautions should I take after spilling isopropyl alcohol?

About all you can do is ventilate the room and wait for it to evaporate, which shouldn't take long. It's hard to say exactly how long without knowing the type of carpet, ambient temperature, relative ...
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How likely is intracranial thrombophlebitis after nasal hair removal and is there an increased risk for inhaling harmful substances?

1) How likely is intracranial thrombophlebitis after nasal hair removal? Cavernous sinus thrombosis (Stat Pearls, 2019) after nasal hair removal (or from any cause) seems to be rare but possible: ....
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Early signs of cocaine addiction

Some signs of addiction are enlarged pupils, increased alertness and energy, loss of interest in food and sleep, increased talkativeness, rapid mood changes, increased heart rate, nasal congestion. ...
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Standing up while deeply inhaling can cause a blood pressure fall?

There seem to be a couple different issues under discussion. I will attempt to explain the relevant physiology and respond to the query in the title. Hiccup interruption. Most physical techniques ...
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Mosquito repellent using vaporized camphor - Health Issues

First of all, please refer to this study from Oxford University on use of Camphor, Eucalyptus, and other terpenic balms and compounds on children. Please be aware of their safety if they are in the ...
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