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The simplest answer is that both types of systems are more or less equal. Long answer: It's actually the dentist that needs to be aware of a few concepts: The angle of the bone in which the implant is placed relative to the position of the crown that will be on top of it. they are not always in line. The ideal scenario is second from left, while the worst ...


Yes agree to the above answer. Just to add on, this is called platform switching. From bone level to soft tissue level (the gingival/biotype looks thick, most probably due to past gum disease)


It appears that this is an Ankylos brand implant system. It also appears that the thin neck of the abutment, while having some advantages of reducing area where microbiology might get in (due to minimized implant-abutment junction), is having some structural mechanical weakness, see this blog. An opinion is that this system should not be recommended for ...


Today, there is a trend to go for two-piece restoration. One pice (base) is placed on the day of surgery on the implant and remains there. the second piece (abutment with crown, or one-piece implant-crow) comes o top. The recent scientific evidence shows that keeping the biological barrier around the implant and base intact. This limits the chances to see ...

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