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How can warming your feet send cold blood to your heart?

When hypothermic, the blood vessels in the arms and legs constrict; by not sending (as much) blood to the extremities, more heat is retained in the core and head/neck area, prolonging survival (at the ...
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What is the coldest temperature a person could live in continuously?

There are just too many factors to give an easy clean answer to this question. To limit the problem, lets assume the individual is wearing 1 CLO of clothing in still dry air. Further, lets assume that ...
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How exactly does induced Scalp Hypothermia prevent alopecia (hair loss) during chemo therapy?

All chemical reactions including killing cancer cells with poisons occur at approximately twice the rate per ten degrees. So reducing the scalp by ten degrees while chemo is occurring will reduce the ...
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Can an adequate calorie intake help prevent hypothermia and frostbite?

Summary A single meal can decrease the risk of hypothermia during a few km travel in severe cold. Consequently, it could also decrease the risk of frostbite, but lack of studies prevents making any ...
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