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Hyponatremia and hypobicarbonatemia

Carbonic Acid / Bicarbonate Buffer System CO2 + H2O ↔ H2CO3 ↔ H+ + HCO3 Metabolic Acidosis and DKA Includes the following: Decreased pH Low HCO3 levels This condition occurs when acids other than ...
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What is the intuition behind diagnosis of Hyponatremia?

I am a first year medical student and my textbook of biochemistry under the heading of sodium under the section minerals barely touched upon hyponatremia... You are too impatient, everything will ...
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How osmotic diuresis leads to loss of sodium, chloride, potassium?

As another answer has noted, increased tonicity of the blood increases the tonicity of the extracellular fluid causing water to flow out of cells into the extracellular space and subsequently the ...
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How osmotic diuresis leads to loss of sodium, chloride, potassium?

Loss of intracellular free water because of increased plasma osmolality, this causes water to move out of cell. After this, potassium concentration has increased inside cell, so this causes ...
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Do dietary potassium and sodium interact with eachother?

Dietary sodium stimulates the excretion of potassium into the urine and potassium stimulates the excretion of sodium, but when consumed in usual amounts, this does not result in abnormal blood ...
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