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Can voluntarily hyperventilating cause cerebral hypoxia, and therefore brain cell death (brain damage)?

Essentially, yes you could hyperventilate to cause a subtle cerebral hypoxia (as also happens briefly during a faint), but once unconscious you would return to automatic breathing and the effects of ...
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Blood pH when exercising. Rising pH? Maybe somehow related to lactic acid and hyperventilation

I am unaware of any mechanism by which exercise can cause "blood alkalization" (usually called "alkalosis"). Blood pH is VERY tightly regulated at 7.35-7.45 (slightly alkaline), so ...
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How does hyperventilation cause paresthesia and tetany?

The two proposed mechanisms for paresthesia/tetany secondary to hyperventilation are cerebral vasoconstriction and electrolyte imbalance. Cerebral vasoconstriction: Cerebral blood flow decreases in a ...
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Is breathing into a paper bag an effective treatment for panic attacks?

Breathing into a paper bag to control hyperventilation might improve hypocarbia, but should NOT be done because of the risks of hypoxia and death. This case report shows that breathing into a paper ...
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