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Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide washes effective home remedies for yeast infections? Safe?

One systematic review (1) conducted in 2003 examined the efficacy of several complementary and alternative therapies (including douching with sodium bicarbonate) for yeast vaginitis and bacterial ...
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Can the use of hydrogen peroxide in dentistry worsen the oxidative stress in patches of facial vitiligo vulgaris?

There are several components to this question: Is hydrogen peroxide (as used in dental hygiene procedures) absorbed into the body in significant quantities? Could absorbed hydrogen peroxide have ...
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What are the cures for gray hair?

The study did not investigate the causes of, or possible treatments of, grey hair. However, the research focused on vitiligo, specifically looking at segmental vitiligo (NHS, 2013). The NHS went ...
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Does gargling Hydrogen Peroxide or Listerine help combat cold/flu?

If you feel a cold "coming on" then your body (immune system) is already fighting it. I was unable to find studies on gargling to prevent respiratory illness. However the AAFP released guidelines ...
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Does gargling Hydrogen Peroxide or Listerine help combat cold/flu?

I don't think gargling could prevent sickness. Flu and cold are caused by viruses and they usually enter from the nostril. That is one of the reason why facial mask cover the nose as well. Regular ...
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Rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for small wounds?

I think alcohol is better than peroxide for the reasons stated above. Nevertheless, from an evidence stand-point, there is no really strong evidence for basically any solution over the other or even ...
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Is it safe to use extremely diluted H2O2 (< 0.1%) On eyes regularly?

In this study regarding hydrogen peroxide and human cataract, hydrogen peroxide was shown to damage the proteins in the human lens, thereby leading to the formation of cataract (Spector and Garner, ...
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