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Is it possible to remove HPV from the body by strengthening the immune system?

Most of HPV infections are cleared by the immune system, but there are cases of persistent HPV infections: In the majority of infected individuals, HPV infection is cleared by the immune system ...
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How can such a large proportion of the population be infected with HPV if the body clears out the virus in most cases?

What you are talking about is directly linked to (and answered by) the epidemiology of an infection (or a disease). That is your magic word. A quick lesson on how to search through the internet: Open ...
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Meaning of prevalent/incident/new/cleared HPV infections in this table

It says in the methods (under statistical analysis): For estimates of any or type-specific HPV incidence, only participants who were free of any or a specific HPV type, respectively, at enrolment ...
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What is the recommended interval for HPV vaccines such as Gardasil 9 for women and men up to age 45?

The Center's for Disease Control and Prevention provides recommendations for all vaccines appropriate for adults. For HPV: Age 15 years or older at initial vaccination: 3-dose series at 0, 1–2 months,...
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Does an hpv vaccination still make sense after age 26?

It does make sense for some women and men to get the HPV vaccination at age 27 through 45 years. In June 2019, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), which advises the CDC about ...
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