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Can an individual further aggravate a full tear of the gluteus minimus tendon (trochanter insertion)?

A torn muscle will not stagnate: it will attempt to heal itself, although this process can result in poor outcomes if the native structure isn’t well-aligned during healing (e.g. when surgical repair ...
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What is the difference between "mild degeneration of the muscular attachment of the gluteus medius" and "mild tendinosis of the left gluteus medius"?

The statement the question refers to may possibly denote two different conditions at two different sites, and, for instance, translate to: There are tiny calcium deposits where gluteus attaches to ...
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What to eat when you are a skinny fat?

More physical activity would very probably be a good idea. Body fat distribution has genetic determinants, and you cannot really target a body area for fat reduction. Conversely, exercising can have ...
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hip replacement - above titanium?

Artificial hips made out of an element on level above titanium. The trouble I'm having here: Literally the only four metals/metalloids a period above titanium are beryllium, magnesium, aluminium and ...
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What is the general prognosis for a patient with an inoperable hip fracture?

No one can tell you what is going to happen to a patient exactly, because every Patient is different. However, the risk are: Mayo Clinic A hip fracture can reduce your future independence and ...
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hip replacement - above titanium?

I'd venture to guess that when your doctor referred to "above" titanium, he meant towards elements with greater atomic number. If so, my guess is that he/she was referring to zirconium. Zirconium ...
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