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What type of food (herb, root) helps with sleep?

As an insomniac, I've looked into this myself, and found the following to be natural sleep-inducing foods (in no particular order): Cherries -- The tarter, the better. They have melatonin!! And they ...
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Does 'Sage Salvia officinalis' help reducing excessive hand sweating (palmar hyperidrosis)?

Salvia is a herbal treatment with a long tradition for this indication. sage leaves The HMPC has classified sage leaves as a traditional herbal medicinal product. ESCOP: internally for ...
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Are there any studies that prove the effectiveness of saw palmetto for restoring hair in the bald places and stop hair fall?

These are extracts and links: Other proposed treatments include saw palmetto extract (Serenoa Repens); prostaglandin analogs like latanoprost and bimatoprost, which may be cost prohibitive (https://...
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Herbs that Would Relax the Mind but Not Decrease Blood Pressure?

We cannot recommend medical treatments on this site. It's dangerous, especially in a situation where we're talking about symptomatic hypotension. I can offer you suggestions on where to go for ...
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