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Does "Hot soup on a hot day keep you cool"?

Surprisingly, yes. Recent research explains: When we’re hot, we naturally cool our bodies primarily by sweating, or more specifically by having the sweat evaporate from our skin (that’s important!). ...
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Why does crying make babies hot?

The neurobiology of crying in infants and adults is complex and poorly understood. As you might expect, direct physiologic studies of infants are lacking; however, some experiments have been performed ...
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What is the minimum air temperature that can kill SARS-CoV-2 instantaneously?

Dry heat sterilization is fairly inefficient, time-wise, in general. According to Wikipedia, which cites the CDC for this: The proper time and temperature for dry heat sterilization is 160 °C (320 °F)...
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Does a hot bath effect fertility in men?

Closely Related to: What is the latest evidence on underwear affecting sperm count? Elevated temperatures are thought to decrease sperm counts in males. Elevated temperatures ...
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Toxicity of Heated Honey

Surprisingly: yes, heating honey can be of a certain concern. The article linked to above is based on ayurvedic principles which do not compare well in their reasoning with modern scientific thinking: ...
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Can cold drinks be taken with or after meals?

There is no evidence that cold drinks during or after meals adversely affects health - in fact - the opposite may be true. In studies of people with pure liquid meals, the temperature of the liquid ...
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How hot before someone gets heat exhaustion while running?

What matters is the so-called wet-bulb temperature : The wet-bulb temperature is the temperature read by a thermometer covered in water-soaked cloth (wet-bulb thermometer) over which air is passed. ...
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How hot before someone gets heat exhaustion while running?

Getting dizzy and collapse in the sauna or during running is not enough to say that this is from heat exhaustion. Such symptoms can also occur in vasovagal syncope due to heat and the associated ...
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