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Heart transplant for people over the age of 65

In short, by having fewer or less serious risk factors than the other matching recipients currently on the transplant waiting list. Age is a risk factor that goes into the calculation, not a ...
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Heart size growth after heart transplant in children?

Pediatric heart transplantation represents approximatively 15% of the total heart transplantations 1. Several studies have provided some insights on the cardiac growth after heart transplantation. ...
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How does a cardiopulmonary bypass machine continue circulation without cutting off circulation to the pulmonary veins and artery?

"Cardiopulmonary bypass" means the heart (cardio) and lungs (pulmonary) are skipped/bypassed. Blood from the body is collected where it returns to the heart, in the vicinity of the right ...
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Can Stillborn babies be organ donors?

Practically it is not possible to use a still born heart. One would have to monitor the exact time of death when the heart stops in utero, then retrieve the still born by caesarean section, then ...
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