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How can blood pressure be high but my pulse low?

If that is the accurate pressure, you really need to go to the emergency room! 188 is high but not immediately dangerous, but 134 for a diastolic is outrageous. At very least go to an urgent care or ...
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Can I calculate the blood pressure and pulse based on a given blood loss

Rough Calculations Here you can find an example of what you are looking for. Hemorrhagic shock is a condition of reduced tissue perfusion, resulting in inadequate blood oxygen and nutrients levels ...
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Trouble finding radial pulse in patients

Experience: Working 8 years out of an Air Force ER with primary ambulance response and air transportable hospital duties. What always worked well for me was to use landmarks to find the pulse. Go ...
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Does a cold or flu typically affect resting heart rate?

Yes. Most inflammatory processes (including viral infections) can cause elevation of heart rate via cytokines and activation of the sympathetic nervous system. (That's an oversimplification of a ...
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How do I measure my resting heart rate?

Resting heart rate is measured sitting down after having rested for at least 10 minutes and for accuracy, not under the influence of any stimulants (like caffeine). The normal range in general is ...
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gauge R&R of time varying data: how to discriminate between equipment variation and actual signal variation?

If you measure only your heart rate, you can only provide measures of the "population" of your own heart rate. You should not take a sample from one individual as indicative of the population of all ...
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Normal resting heart rate and how to measure it

You must consider here why you want to measure your resting heart rate. While one may argue whether you should measure it in the morning while you are still in bed or after you have eaten breakfast, ...
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