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Why are telemedicine services regional?

Telemedicine is still health care; health care is highly regulated, and regulations and licensing vary on a country-by-country and state-by-state basis (and perhaps to more local levels, as well). A ...
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Is there any identified policy China is doing to successfully reduce COVID-19 the other countries aren't using?

To Mask or not To Mask that is the question One thing China did early on was wearing face masks to protect others. They are still doing it today even though there has been no deaths for 10 days and ...
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Is a nightly curfew an effective intervention strategy for limiting the spread of an infectious disease?

I too was unable to find data on whether partial curfews are effective. I presume that the premise is that you keep the country running as people are able to work, and you can still collect some tax ...
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Why did the UK ban phenmetrazine?

As correctly asserted, it is banned class B stimulant un the UK. In fact it was banned in 1971 so I am unsure why you think the ban was recent. If you have social disorders and live in the UK you can ...
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