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How does auto-brewery-syndrome work exactly? Their bodies somehow produce alcohol without even consuming it? When was it discovered?

My husband was diagnosed with Autobrewery Syndrome in Sept 2015 by the leading ABS clinical doctor Dr. Anup Kanodia as a direct result of a motor vehicle accident while at work in December 2014. He ...
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Why do you end up high on the Bristol stool scale when you are hungover?

The stool at the top of the image of Bristol stool scale looks as separate hard lumps (Type 1), which means there's a lack of water in it, which can be due to: Drinking insufficient amount of water ...
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Does choice of drink affect severity of hangovers?

We were taught in medical school that the single biggest contributor to hangovers is dehydration. The degree of dehydration is caused by the percent concentration of ETOH/ethanol which is a diuretic (...
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