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Removing veins impairs blood flow to that area, but since the varicose veins aren't really getting blood efficiently to their locality anyway, I wouldn't call the lack of perfusion from removing them a drawback, per se. Some complications can arise following surgery to remove varicose veins. Some of them are pretty innocuous, like skin discoloration, but ...


Yes, moles can definitely be cancerous. They can be malignant melanoma, which is a deadly cancer unless treated early. The fact that it is asymmetrical is not a good sign. Do not attempt to treat it yourself. That mole needs to be examined by a doctor ASAP.


The differential diagnosis of pain in the left lower quadrant of the abdomen or groin is quite extensive, which is why questions on history-taking and a clinical examination are so important. I see some investigations (MRI) have been completed, which should narrow it down a bit. Anatomy This diagram shows the position in question: the left lower quadrant (...


Intertrigo: For prevention and stopping furthering of symptoms Shower and dry off thoroughly each day. Keep your skin as dry and cool as you can. Avoid wearing tight shoes or clothing. Wear a bra with good support. If the areas between the toes are affected, consider wearing open-toed shoes. For infants with diaper rash, change diapers more ...

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