The so-called halos are typical for spikes of intraocular pressure rise in high-tension glaucoma (or ocular hypertension) forms, most often in melanin-dispersion syndrome (MDS, or pigment-dispersion syndrome) which is a trigger for glaucoma in myopes and often begins in early adulthood. The halos appear when a spike in intraocular pressure leads to ...


After CSF flows through ventricular space into the subarachnoidal space it is absorbed into venous stream through Arachnoid granulations. My first one-line answer =)


Disclaimer: I have no formal medical or vision science training. Please point out any factual errors. My test is based on the idea that Glaucoma is indicated by pressure on optic nerve, which one may not even be aware of but slowly destroys the nerve (which is actually a bundle of nerves, similar to a huge communications cable) from the outside of the cable ...


Since most cases of high eye pressure leads to glaucoma, the picture below shows how someone with glaucoma sees the world

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