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How many people, on average, floss on a regular basis?

According to this page, http://sunvalleypediatricdentistry.com/statistics-brushing-flossing-oral-health/ 50% of Americans floss daily, 31% floss less regularly, and 18% do not floss at all.
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Bad Breath Problem

The first question I would ask in response to your question on gum disease is "Have you spoken with your dentist about the health of your gums?" Looking at the NHS webpage on Halitosis, it sounds ...
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vigorous brushing a cause for dental issues or not?

Can 'vigorous' brushing cause dental problems? Short answer: Yes* (* reviews tend to conclude that it's better to over-brush than under-brush) Longer answer: In addition to the good answer by ...
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vigorous brushing a cause for dental issues or not?

A detrimental effect of toothbrushing can be influenced by use of an abrasive toothpaste use of hard bristles toothbrush use of excessive force during toothbrush excessive number of toothbrushing per ...
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I've always worn my clear nighttime retainers religiously. Can I get my permanent metal retainers taken out?

The quick answer is no, if you want to avoid crowding of the bottom teeth in the futur. The reason is that the mandible (jaw) is constantly being remodelled, as shown on the picture bellow. Notice ...
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