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Is there any statistical overlap between people who identify as non-cis and people who have an unusual number of sex chromosomes?

Fernández and colleagues appear to have addressed your question (2018. PMID 29892954): To investigate the possible influence of karyotype on the etiology of Gender Dysphoria we carried out the ...
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Do Tamoxifen and other similar SERMs reduce chest fat chronically or permanently?

A double-blind crossover study of placebo and the antiestrogen tamoxifen in ten men with gynecomastia of diverse etiology showed that: The reduction of breast size was partial and may indicate the ...
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Does being transgender a mental health condition? If no, why not?

Being transgendered is NOT a mental health condition. The American Psychiatric Association states that a mental health disorder requires distress or disability (APA, n.d.). A psychological state is ...
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Does gender dysphoria qualify as a mental illness when talking to paramedics?

as you noted in comments about England context: according to NHS UK, one has to pass assessment at one of the gender dysphoria clinics in England After a detailed assessment to confirm the diagnosis ...
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Ultra Sound Gender Prediction Accuray

Fetal gender determination is suprisingly accurate, according to this study: Accuracy of sonographic fetal gender determination: predictions made by sonographers during routine obstetric ultrasound ...
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