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Does eating a sugary multivitamin bring you into the fed state for intermittent fasting?

It is generally considered that less than 50kcal is acceptable during periods of fasting. This obviously doesn't mean 10 50kcal in quick succession is acceptable (that is considered a 500kcal meal). I ...
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Contiuously wearing the same contact lens - ok?

Generally, wearing the same pair of contact lenses longer then 6-12 months can cause increased risk of infection, as your biggest concern. Sleeping with contact lenses in has a similar risk, as ...
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How frequently should non-alcoholic mouthwashes be used?

You don't need at all to use any mouthwash. A healthy mouth is full of bacteria, almost all of them beneficial for our health, and There is no evidence so far of any long term preventive effect of ...
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Contiuously wearing the same contact lens - ok?

In optometry, "Continuous Wear" of contact lenses is a term used to refer to FDA approval of a contact lenses for wear continuously up to 30 days, then removing them for at least a full night of rest. ...
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How to reduce repetitive strain injury

I actually did a study on this (pains relation to posture) providing ergonomic assessments and follow ups for office workers. Ideally you'd look something like this: http://www....
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How to reduce repetitive strain injury

When you have a laptop on your thighs and you type, the wrists are bent upwards (forcedly) more than when you have a laptop on the table (higher). Also, arms bent forward and without support can pose ...
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How exact do I need to be for Penicillin every 12 hours?

With most medications, the important thing is to simply be consistent and make it easy on yourself to remember to take them. An hour or two one way or the other isn't going to matter with most ...
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