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Categorizing injuries under the Haddon Injury Control Model

The key, I think, is the relationship between energy transferred and the ability of the receiving tissue to tolerate it. For example, although the overall kinetic energy of a knife is relatively low ...
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How are performers able to "swallow" swords without harming their body?

I had an uncle that could do this trick, and it always amazed me. Perhaps it's obvious, but I should mention that they always use a sword with a dull blade.
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Is it safe and beneficial to eat poached and cut fish bones?

As the doctor in the other answer has clarified, without any study, it's not possible to reliably evaluate the safety of eating bones of large fish. Bones of large fish are not considered edible for ...
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Is it safe and beneficial to eat poached and cut fish bones?

Medical science doesn't work like that. Scientists would have to study whether your suggestion is effective and whether it has side effects. Such studies take time and include hundreds of volunteers. ...
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How can I tell if a fish bone is stuck in my throat?

It's often difficult to tell the difference between an esophageal abrasion and a foreign body just by how you feel. If you get it checked out and it's just an abrasion, no biggie; if you don't and it'...
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