Consumption of large quantities of sugar has been shown to cause a state of addictionwiki. Study from 2002 shown that excessive intake of sugar can cause signs of opioid dependence, because this kind of food stimulates our neural systems. Repeated, excessive intake of sugar created a state in which an opioid antagonist caused behavioral and neurochemical ...


You actually need to ask this question? If rats are falling on your food in the restaurant then they're running amuck in the kitchen eating and crapping on your food. So the answer is: Find the manager Demand a refund Leave Report it to the health department


Most of the studies study food addiction as a whole, because most of the biochemical mechanisms of food addiction are similar for the consumptions of sugar, refined flour, fats, caffeine and other substances. Also, addiction has been studied in relation of people's habit of eating food that is prepared with a combination of ingredients, as donuts or french ...

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