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Many of the active ingredients in flea and tick powders are harmful to humans, or suspected of being carcinogenic, or have effects on the nervous system. The Humane Society has a page on OTC flea and tick products, one of the sections details a couple of these effects: Besides pyrethroid-based products, ingredients to be wary of are organophosphate ...


@Carey Gregory: You're right, they are neither. She went to a small-animal vet clinic as I suggested and had them looked at under a microscope; the vet confirmed they are neither ticks nor fleas and didn't have an idea as to what they might be. They had 6 legs. Needless to say, she is relieved but still curious.


Yes, it can help heal faster and alleviate symptoms which are interrelated. Applying an ice pack on the site of bite to prevent swelling, itching and soothe the skin. And based on what the article says: you can also use several natural products and home remedies to treat and heal the flea bites on humans faster The Naked Scientist. ...

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