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Farts coming out of the mouth?

The linked article's title and subtitle are in contradiction with the article's content. The title and subtitle say: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR BODY WHEN YOU HOLD IN A FART...If you keep one ...
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Why does gas cause pain?

Try this: poke your tongue out of your mouth and, holding your hand in front of your mouth, jab your hand (finger, palm, whatever) a little with your tongue. Push at your hand. I predict your hand ...
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Can flatulence be a cause of sleeplessness?

Flatulence, which is likely associated with abdominal distention and thus some discomfort, can disturb sleep. Sources: Functional Abdominal Bloating with Distention (ISRN Obstetrics and Gynecology, ...
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Do you really get better at digesting beans?

Yes it is. The fact that the more you eat beans, the faster it digests, is not a myth. For directions, Try adding them into your diet in 1/4 cup increments, and increasing very slowly. Although, ...
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gas/upset stomach from red meat?

Evil smelling flatus is caused by a high sulfate content in the diet. Meat is high in methionine and cystine, and some gut bacteria metabolise these releasing sulfide gases. If these bacteria can be ...
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Methods for dealing with gas pains?

You should try with Mint leaves and peppermint tea that's will help you a lot , but try with natural leaves not the one that sell in the store
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