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Why have 2 bones in lower arm/leg and only 1 in upper?

The reasons for 2 bones in your lower arm can be to help your hand turn and give you more control over it. The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint and has large muscles to help control it. Since ...
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How to tell if my leg fracture is healing?

First, please note that I am not an orthopedist, and please make note of the disclaimer in the yellow box next to your question. This is not to be construed as personal medical advice. Second, major ...
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Is this a comminuted fracture?

I was going to say no because I was under the impression there was also a component of the fragment sizes in the definition (I'm not a specialist), but in doing a bit of research I appear to be wrong. ...
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How long it takes to return to daily activities?

Your doctor would be the most qualified to answer this. I am not able to interpret x-rays, but I do know that fractures usually take 6-8 weeks to heal. That can differ based on a persons age, ...
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