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How long it takes to return to daily activities?

These are my leg x-ray. I had an accident 7th may 2017. My fibula (hope I got the right name) was fractured. My orthopedist says nothings to worry. It will fine within two weeks. I have passed 12 days,...
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Healing progress of tibia fracture 8 weeks post surgery

I suffered a closed, dislocated comminuted fracture of the extreme distal tibia just above the ankle joint on Feb 19th of this year with surgery the following day. I was treated with an IM nail for ...
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Is this a comminuted fracture?

It says online that a fracture with multiple segments is considered comminuted, but in the case below with one tibial and two fibular segments, im not sure if there's enough segments to warrant ...
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Why have 2 bones in lower arm/leg and only 1 in upper?

I just broke my lower leg while skiing (both the tibia and the fibula). It's recovering well, having rest as my most prominent medicine. While thinking about my fracture, it appeared to me that we ...
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How to tell if my leg fracture is healing?

I had an accident in August and eventually had a cast put on. The 2 pictures below are my x-rays from 7th August and October 23rd 2015. I basically have 2 questions as I am considering going to ...
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What's the difference between a maisonneuve fracture and a Weber C fracture?

I feel like they're the same thing. Sprained syndesmotic ligaments, sprained deltoid and fractured fibula. So why is the maisonneuve fracture its own thing?
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