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Does eating a sugary multivitamin bring you into the fed state for intermittent fasting?

It is generally considered that less than 50kcal is acceptable during periods of fasting. This obviously doesn't mean 10 50kcal in quick succession is acceptable (that is considered a 500kcal meal). I ...
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Is there scientific evidence that low-carb diets enhance athletic and mental performance?

The question is a quite broad since you don't state whether you mean a ketogenic diet, levels of protein and fats, or what you mean by "athletic and mental performance" so I will answer quite ...
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One meal a day - meal planning

Individual Results Vary Some people only eat food 30 points or lower on the Insulin Index. Low carb, medium protein, high fat. This is usually where the ketosis plays in, but is usually only ...
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What are the benefits of quick weight loss?

Better sleep: Research shows that losing 5 percent of your body weight can help you sleep better and longer throughout the night. Better hormonal balance: When you rid your body of excess fat, your ...
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Can the human body switch to a "starvation" mode?

Starvation/fasting does lead to physiological changes that recently are being investigated as an adjunct to chemotherapy for cancer control. The dietary recommendation for cancer patients receiving ...
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Can the human body switch to a "starvation" mode?

I found a pretty good article here that discusses starvation mode pretty intelligently and cites valid research. In short, yes, starvation mode exists, but it will not cause a person to gain weight, ...
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