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Does my face become oily due to pimples?

It's actually the other way around. Oil coming from your pores causes dead skin cells to clump together, blocking the pore. Acne is a blocked or infected pore. When your skin is oily, the oil ...
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Does my face become oily due to pimples?

Robin got it right, any extra oil, grease, dirt, or other foreign matter will aggravate pimples. I had a moderate acne problem through most of my teenage years, and here are some things I learned: ...
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Can the use of hydrogen peroxide in dentistry worsen the oxidative stress in patches of facial vitiligo vulgaris?

There are several components to this question: Is hydrogen peroxide (as used in dental hygiene procedures) absorbed into the body in significant quantities? Could absorbed hydrogen peroxide have ...
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Why does prosopagnosia (face blindness) only affect recognition of faces?

Simply put, it doesn't. Breaking the word prosopagnosia down you end up with: Prosop is rooted in Greek for face, and gnosis is knowledge (agnosia is therefore lack of knowledge, or ignorance, but ...
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What causes acne, and how do I get rid of it?

According studies, it's an interaction between genetics and environment. If you parents had acne, you might have. But, overall, diet and stress are big factors for acne : your genetic makes you more ...
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Not in the face? Why is this warning on my lotion?

Interesting question. I remember my professor of pharmaceutical technology and pharmaceutics addressing this when we discussed the significance of dosage form design. The skin on one’s face is far ...
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What is the difference between Nasion and Root of Nose?

Radiopeadia helps with locating the nasion. The nasion (also known as bridge of the nose) is the midline bony depression between the eyes where the frontal and two nasal bones meet, just below the ...
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Reddened in the face / red skin in the face

There are many possibilities here, but my first thought upon seeing the pictures and reading that it occurred after you increased your alcohol consumption was rosacea. It can be triggered by alcohol ...
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Not in the face? Why is this warning on my lotion?

In my experience, such warnings are typically present if ingredients in the lotion would irritate the eyes or mouth—problems that can't happen if you avoid applying it to the face. My reasoning goes ...
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Why are retinoids applied only after washing the face?

Both retinoids and benzoyl peroxide must be absorbed by the skin to do their work. If you have make-up on or oily skin etc. this can be a barrier to absorption so must be cleaned off. The cleaner your ...
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