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Digestion and absorption of large scale protein structures

Do some proteins survive human digestion? Yes. Prions are misfolded proteins with abnormal tertiary or quaternary structures. That grants them resistance (to some extent, at least) to proteases (1). ...
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Why is trypsin inhibitor present if trypsin is already secreted in form of trypsinogen?

This excellent description of the pathophysiology of digestion answers your question by explaining in more detail how trypsinogen gets from the pancreas to the intestinal lumen. "Several ...
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How relevant is TMPRSS2 for the entry of common-cold coronaviruses?

The answer seems somewhat complex for 229E. It seemingly evolved in us for better utilization of TMPRSS2, as Shirato et al. (2016) report: Human coronavirus 229E (HCoV-229E), a causative agent of the ...
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Are there drugs that help to digest wheat?

In short: There are digestive enzymes available as supplements (amylase, cellulase, alpha-glycosidase) that can help digest starch and certain types of fiber in wheat. There is no convincing evidence ...
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Lactase quantity test?

The typical way to measure enzyme concentration is via enzyme activity: if there's more of an enzyme, you'll see faster conversion of reactant to product. So actually yes, adding a known amount of ...
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