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Catch a cold from the grass?

No, you can't catch a cold from plants. You can, however, inhale lots of grass pollen because... we would run around and lots of dried grass dust would get kicked up. The second clue it's a pollen ...
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Why basal metabolic rate is increased under high environmental temperature?

Is it true that human basal metabolic rate increases under high temperatures? If so, why does this happen? What are the underlying biological processes that are activated in very warm climates? This ...
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Use of alcohol for keeping body warm

In summary, alcohol can make you feel warmer because it increases the blood flow in the skin, but it does not likely increase your body temperature; it can even decrease it. 1) A 1994 review article ...
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Are influenza vaccinations the same worldwide?

There's one vaccine composition for the southern hemisphere and one for the northern hemisphere each year. The WHO publishes the composition recommendations. For example, the composition for the 2019/...
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Map of ragweed infested countries According to the little number on the lower left, this is from 2012. The situation is worse than I ...
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