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Is brushing teeth without toothpaste actually harmful?

My short answer is : Brushing your tooth without toothpaste will not cause a greater amount of micro-scratches than if you were to use toothpaste. To begin, tooth paste, is a product most often made ...
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Is it possible to have dental sealants removed permanently?

To remove the sealant, probably the most effective way to protect the teeth from caries, you need to reapply an acid or remove the superficial sealed enamel. In both cases you will loss more healthy ...
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Pills as an alternativ for fruits

The recommendation to stop eating lemon and limes to prevent tooth decay is likely due to their acid content. The primary nutritional benefits of citrus fruits are mainly vitamin C (ascorbic acid), ...
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Can drinking magnesium citrate cause tooth enamel erosion?

Magnesium citrate is not citric acid. In fact, it's not even acidic. And trimagnesium citrate is even less acidic. It's on the alkaline side of neutral,...
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