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When should one go to an Urgent care vs Emergency room?

Urgent care is for things that your normal physician could treat, but you are outside their hours or unable to get an appointment within a reasonable time for the condition. Emergency rooms are for ...
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What happens in an emergency room in this situation?

In the US this should be a very rare event. Every state (or region) has hospitals designated as level 1 trauma centers. Being certified as a level 1 trauma center means they have all the personnel and ...
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Overfull ERs across the globe

This doesn't look like a Germany only problem to me. The UK has this problem, the US… This is a classical textbook resource allocation problem. Our ideologues have a theriac like cure-all for this. ...
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Are cell phones still prohibited from the ER or other medical facilities? Why or why not?

Cairo University's Journal of Advanced Research (PDF) looks at all of the studies on ElectroMagnetic Interferene (EMI) from mobile cellular phones and medical equipment. It says that based on the ...
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Necessity of break-the-glass for accessing patient electronic health records in emergency

I think there is a misunderstanding of the circumstances to which "break the glass" applies, or perhaps the rules by which physicians nurses and other patient care professionals are granted access to ...
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