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Can too much potassium from sports drinks be dangerous/lethal?

Sports drinks contain trivial amounts of potassium. For example, one US gallon of Gatorade contains 480 mg of potassium, which is roughly comparable to a single banana and much less than a sweet ...
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Potassium chloride for electrolyte replenishment instead of monopotassium phosphate

In solution, none of these original chemical salts matter because they dissociate entirely. All you have once you add water are ions in solution. Potassium ions in solution are potassium ions in ...
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Coherent explanation of kalemia's effect on membrane potential

The physiological concentrations for K+ is ~120mmol intracellularly and ~4mmol extracellularly. This means that you have a large driving force (1:30 extra vs intracellular) of positive charge to the ...
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Recommended foods for before surgery?

In general, the best thing to eat before surgery is absolutely nothing. This is done to reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonia, as your swallowing reflex doesn't work right under general anesthesia. ...
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Why does hemodialysis need to done for so many hours?

During dialysis only about 10 percent of the blood is outside your body at any given time, while the rest continues to circulate. If the blood flows at 600mL/min, then it doesn't take very long to ...
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Difference between Salt Tablets and Table Salt

Salt that is meant for human consumption refers to sodium chloride. Both table salt and salt tablets contain sodium chloride and not just sodium. They can both contain other naturally present or added ...
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Difference between Salt Tablets and Table Salt

According to Thought.co, table salt is 97-99% sodium chloride: https://www.thoughtco.com/what-is-table-salt-604008 with common additives being potassium iodide and sodium fluoride, and anti-caking ...
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