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Are defibrillator leads actually clashed against each other?

While it used to be done, in reality anymore it isn't done as it is possible to damage the equipment by rubbing, and the possibility exists of an accidental discharge between paddles which can be ...
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How does lightning damage the body?

H = IxIxR Where H is the amount of heat produced when a current of I is flown through a conductor of resistance R. The resistance of human body may be as high as 100,000 ohms. An average bolt ...
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Possible side effects of TENS

Although I couldn’t find evidence-based literature concerning your specific use of TENS, I will try to give your some clarifications concerning your question: First, what is TENS: Transcutaneous ...
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Are defibrillator leads actually clashed against each other?

This is additional information for John's otherwise good answer. Although they're rarely used, it's still common to see paddles on the defibrillators used in EMS at the paramedic level. See those ...
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Do seizures result from an excess of electrical current or electrical voltage in the brain?

Here's a brief overview of the types and characteristics of seizures: Epileptic Seizure: Is characterized by "torrents" of electrical discharges by groups of neurons. This temporarily blocks any ...
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Low voltage exposure

There is an adage in electrical safety that "It is not the voltage that kills you, it is the current". This was investigated at Skeptics.SE. A review of literature regarding electrocution suggests 0....
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Does electrical exposure build human resilience?

Neither. You would either kill them with the first shock or just annoy them every day of their life. Human tissue can't adapt to electricity. It's either enough current to damage it or it's not. And ...
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