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Does carbon monoxide poisoning make you tired before it kills you? The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can vary per person it affects, and it can also depend on the the levels of exposure to each person. The short answer would be yes, general fatigue and tiredness can be a symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning. I believe this is accurate for one ...


Side-effects of medicines (such as drowsiness with tramadol) should be reported to and managed by the patient's healthcare team - in the best case by the doctor who prescribed the medicine, but you can also contact your pharmacist or in severe and urgent cases the ER or poisoning control centre. To answer the theoretical part of your question: Martindale, ...


Flatulence, which is likely associated with abdominal distention and thus some discomfort, can disturb sleep. Sources: Functional Abdominal Bloating with Distention (ISRN Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2012) Tips for a Quiet Tummy, Restful Sleep (WebMD)


1. Very very slightly - you produce more saliva which you swallow (more on this in 2), but I'm not sure if that really contributes on a meaningful scale. 2. I'm only talking about the important and/or long-term effects: -Vastly better dental health (depending on what your gum contains, xylitol and polytol are good components to have) -Chewing gum might ...


When you are forced to wake up, you've interrupted your body's circadian rhythm. If your body is used to waking up at particular time and you're woken before that time, you'll still feel very tired. Because to your body, you're still meant to be sleeping.

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