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Can antacids cause ear crystals (which can cause dizzines)?

First of all: This is not an answer related to your described medical condition. Therefore, I will not draw any conclusions regarding your condition. But, taking calcium carbonate containing antacids ...
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Can antacids cause ear crystals (which can cause dizzines)?

Octonium\Otoliths (also known as ear crystals\rocks) are a natural part of the vestibular system. BPPV is caused by these otoliths coming loose, and so isn't directly related to calcium carbonate ...
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Can antacids cause ear crystals (which can cause dizzines)?

Calcium carbonate from antacids does not appear as calcium carbonate in the ear (or brain). When you take antacids, the gastric acid converts calcium carbonate to calcium chloride. These effect is ...
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How to prevent sleepiness at study time?

Well, in order to avoid sleeping while studying, just follow this steps below: 1.Switch the Lights On. Don't even think about studying in just the lamplight at night. 2.Sit in Front of a Table. 3....
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Postconcussion symptoms: how long? Are they reversible? Treatment options?

Postconcussion syndrome is common following a traumatic brain injury (independent on the severity of the TBI). According to some studies, 30%-80% of patients with mild to moderate brain injury will ...
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Is rest necessary, recommended, or unnecessary in a mild Ménière's episode?

The short answer: I haven't come across anything that states that patients with a mild Meniere's episode should rest on principle even if they're feeling well enough to perform activities. So, I think ...
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Any way to prevent lightheadedness when getting up?

Everyone gets dizzy to some degree when they get up suddenly from a supine position (laying down) or even sitting. When significant, this is called orthostatic hypotension. The most common cause in a '...
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My mom is experiencing strong vertigo

Your mother should see an ENT (ear, nose, throat specialist). Vertigo is often recurring and treatable. My mother also suffers from it and she was reluctant to take it seriously and kept saying her ...
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