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Is decaffeinated coffee a diuretic?

While coffee in large amounts can stimulate urine production, it's not enough to produce a dehydration effect, especially in people accustomed to drinking caffeine. This recent study compared 50 male ...
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What exactly is a diuretic and its relationship to dehydration

A diuretic increases diuresis, which means it causes your kidneys to excrete more urine. It has nothing to do with your bladder and both of those definitions you quote are wrong, especially the one ...
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If alcohol and coffee are both diuretics -- why do so many intoxicated ppl drink coffee to sober up? Dehydration concern.

No, nothing will "sober up" a drunk; only time does that. What coffee does is provide caffeine, a stimulant. The stimulant effects will increase alertness, but they will do nothing for perception, ...
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How does amiloride increase calcium reabsorption in the kidneys?

Regarding calcium transport in the kidney: In contrast with the proximal tubule and the thick ascending limb of the loop of Henle, the distal tubule reabsorbs calcium exclusively via the ...
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How to avoid the diuretic effect of caffeine or green tea?

Caffeine intake is associated with increased urination, but controlled studies (e.g., here and here) demonstrate fairly rapid adaptation and no chronic diuretic effect. For most people, if you want ...
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Natural treatment of chronic prostatitis - Does herbal medicines have side affects?‏

Herbal medicines do have side effects The answer to any "does this have side-effects?" question is invariably yes. Some drugs/medications/herbal remedies will have fewer side effects, some will ...
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